Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tints and Shades

In Art this week, we learned about tints and shades. A tint is a colour you get by adding white to some paint and a shade is when you add black. A tint is lighter than the original and a shade is darker. We learned how to draw cubes using a square piece of card. It was easier than we thought it would be! We then used our original colour to paint the front of the cube, the tint to paint the top and the shade to fill in the side. The combination of colours helps our cubes look three-dimensional. We can't wait to experiment more with mixing paints next term.

We've been doing some more learning about homophones. Miss H gave us lots of magazines and asked us to find pictures of things whose names can be homophones. We created a poster to display in our classroom.

It's almost the holidays, which means that we're just about at the end of our unit of work about Australia. Elise's mum brought us a poster from the post office which has pictures of some new stamps that are being released this week. They have drawings of Australian animals on them. They inspired us to design our own postage stamps! We needed to choose either an animal or a landmark that we had learned about and we drew them with a postage stamp border. Real stamps have the word "Australia", the name of what is drawn on them and the price of the stamp. We made sure we included all that information on our stamps too.

The Three Sisters
Western Swamp Tortoise
Our visit to the zoo a few weeks ago really made us think about animal habitats and the animal homes we saw there. In class, we were given the challenge of designing an enclosure for an animal of our choice. We needed to use our knowledge of zoos and our knowledge of animals and think about their needs and wants to design a perfect enclosure. We drew then on paper first, labelling all the main parts, then we borrowed the blocks and plastic animals from Pre-Primary and created a zoo in our classroom!

We received letters from our Skype buddies, 2MK in Victoria. It was great to read about what they learned from us about our state.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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