Thursday, June 9, 2011

What am I?

We're becoming experts on Australian animals and can't wait until our visit to the zoo next week! Miss H asked us to use our knowledge of animals, as well as some fact sheets from the Perth Zoo website to write "What am I?" quizzes. We're making them into a lift-the-flap book so we can guess the animals we all researched. Can you guess what animals these might be? The answers are at the bottom of this post.
  1. I have a black bill and flippers. I live in the oceans in the south of Australia. I eat fish. I am 37-43cm tall and weigh 1-1.2kg. What am I? (by Samantha)

  2. I have a large frill. I live in northern Australia. I eat insects. I am up to 30cm long. What am I? (by Taj)

  3. I have black fur. I live in south-west Western Australia. I eat eucalytpus, marri and peppermint tree leaves. I am 30-35cm long and weigh 70-160g. What am I? (by Tatiana)

  4. I have a reddish-brown coat. I live in central Australia. I eat grasses and plants. I am 74-140cm tall and weigh 26-66kgs. What am I? (by Jacinta)

  5. I have a long, slender neck. I live all over Australia, except for central Australia. I eat mostly waterplants. I am 100-140cm long and lay 3-9 eggs. What am I? (by Brydie)
Miss H was at her university this afternoon, so we got a chance to start our top-secret project for her. We can't tell you what it is yet, but we hope she loves it! We love having her in our classroom and we want to show her how much we'll miss her when she's gone at the end of the term.

Stephany has a new swimming pool at her house. A big crane and some workmen installed it last week and they took some photos. She hasn't been swimming in it yet, but she can't wait until she does! Stephany and her dad made a PowerPoint presentation to show us the steps involved in putting a pool in the ground. Thanks Steph!

New Pool
View more presentations from Lisa

Here are the answers to our "What am I?" quizzes.
  1. Little Penguin

  2. Frilled Dragon

  3. Western Ringtail Possum

  4. Red Kangaroo

  5. Black Swan
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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