Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Hair!

Mrs B
The kindy teacher at our school, Mrs B, did an amazing thing at assembly yesterday. She had her hair all cut off! She wanted to raise money for cancer research so she asked people to sponsor her. This means that people said that they'd donate money if she did it, and she did! She's raised over $2000 and we're all very proud of her. The teachers gave her some new hats to wear so her head doesn't get too cold while it's growing back!

Mrs B is extra special because she had cancer last year, so she knows how hard it can be and how sick it can make you feel. She really wants to help stop people from getting sick in the future, so by doing such a brave thing and raising money for cancer research, she is helping scientists and doctors find a cure.

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Our school fair is being held this weekend. We decided to make some signs for the White Elephant stall. We made posters with prices on them, as well as words like "books", "shoes" and "clothes" so the people working there could label all the different areas. The fair raises lots of money for our school, so we can buy new things to help us learn, like computers and books!

We spent some time in the library yesterday using the laptops. We were learning about how to use bullets in Microsoft Word. Bullets are little dots that appear at the beginning of each line. We can use them when we're writing a list of things and want them to stand out and be easy to read. Mrs N uses them on our blog sometimes. We wrote some facts about platypuses using bullets and displayed them with our platypus habitat art.

We won't be back at school until Wednesday, because we have an extra-long weekend. We've been working super hard this term and learning so much. It'll be nice to give our brains and bodies a break for a few days!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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