Friday, March 4, 2011

A Trip Around the World

This morning, we spent some time looking at classroom blogs from around the world. We saw videos of children playing in snow in Canada, we were amazed at the writing on a blog in Israel, heard a report about monkeys from Russia, watched a video made by children in New Zealand, looked at photos of children from Poland, watched a slideshow about Valentine's Day bags in America and finally, looked at projects from South Africa. Our school theme this year is HARMONY and being able to see and read about children in other countries really helps us to understand how alike we all are, as well as to appreciate our differences.

A few weeks ago, we all wrote descriptions and posted photos of our lunches. We are collaborating with a class in Malaysia so that we can learn about what the children there like to eat for lunch. They have posted some photos on their teacher's blog. The picture on the left is of Afrina and she likes to eat sardine sandwiches. You can see the rest of the photos on their blog

Jenaya had some exciting news to tell us today. Her mum is having a baby and she'll have a new baby brother soon! She brought in a DVD and some pictures of the ultrasound her mum had recently. We got to see the baby in her mum's tummy and it was exciting to see his little face and arms!

On Sunday, it's Clean Up Australia Day. This afternoon, we spent time cleaning up our school. We wore gloves and weren't allowed to pick up anything that looked like it could hurt us. We made a list of the things we found:
  • glass bottles
  • paper
  • chip wrappers
  • lolly wrappers
  • cigarette butts
  • metal
  • cans
  • a car tyre
Some of those things weren't put there by anyone at the school. They might have been thrown over fences onto school property, or blown by the wind from somewhere else. However, there were some things that students had probably left. We each made a commitment to do our best to pick up our rubbish, as well as any rubbish we see laying around, even though it isn't ours. We want our school to stay as clean as it is now!

There is no school until Wednesday! Monday is a public holiday for Labour Day and then on Tuesday, kids stay home because the teachers are having some meetings. We get 4 whole days to relax and have fun at home!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N