Monday, March 21, 2011

Prickly Pineapples!

It's Monday, which means it's Monday Munchies day! Today's healthy food was fresh pineapple. Many of us had tried sliced pineapple from a tin, but having fresh pineapple was a treat. We learned that they grow in warm places and they were named pineapples because their skin resembles a pine cone. We thought it was really delicious and we especially liked that it was so sweet and juicy.

We were excited this morning when Julie arrived at school. Her mum had made us an amazing gingerbread house! She knew that we have been reading various versions of The Gingerbread Man and that we made our own gingerbread men last week. She thought we'd like a house to match! We can't wait to start nibbling on it.  

Thankyou Julie's mum!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Hi Smarties,
    I like your idea of Monday Munchies. What a great way to start the week with something healthy. At our school which is in Victoria we have Fresh Fruit Fridays. Last week we had apples. Do have a different fruit every Monday? What are your favourite fruits?
    From Mrs Milton (Grade 2 teacher at Leopold Primary)
    P.S. Check out our blog and look at how we made pizza.

  2. Hi there Smarties,
    What a great way to start the week with a new type of food to try out. Do you think there's a chance that I could come back to school with you?
    From Catherine's Mum