Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gingerbread Goodies

Brydie, Paige and Tieg with different versions of the story
We LOVE the story of the Gingerbread Man! We've been reading different re-tellings of it and have even been writing a class version. Today, we baked our very own gingerbread men, with the help of Mrs B and Danica's Nanny. We did lots of mixing and rolling and cutting out. We put them in the oven and kept a close eye on them when we were taking them out, just to make sure they didn't run away! When they were cool, we decorated them with icing, Smarties and mini M & Ms. They looked so adorable and they tasted delicious too!


Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day, which is a big holiday in Ireland. Many Australians are descended from the Irish and Aodhán is half Irish, so to celebrate, we made some shamrock crowns. We traced around some cardboard templates, twisted some sparkly green pipecleaners and attached them to a strip of green card. They look great and we'll be wearing them all day tomorrow. Thankyou to Elise's mum who helped us make them.

We've been practising counting by 5s. We made slithering snakes so we could practise writing our numbers. We needed to count by fives, write the numbers on the snake, then colour it in with a pattern. Renee's aunty helped us out!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Smarties,
    Yum! Your Gingerbread men look so delicious. That is great that you can bake at school. It looks like it was lots of fun to decorate them, too. I hope I can see your class book some time. My class made a gingerbread man class book, too. We made a post about it on our blog in January
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

  2. Hi Smarties.
    I'm so glad your Gingerbread Men didn't escape as it does sound as though they were super delicious!

  3. Hi Smarties,

    Wow those Gingerbread men looked fantastic and I bet they tasted just as good. Wish I was there to taste these. It looked like a lot of fun to cook these as well!!

    Jaime Cocivera