Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Craisins!

Mrs N was away from school because she was sick last week, which is why we didn't have any blog entries. We were super-good for our relief teachers, Mrs L and Mrs M, so that made Mrs N feel much better!

Our Monday Munchies food today was dried cranberries, which are sometimes called "craisins". They're a healthy food if you eat them in small amounts, because even though they have lots of vitamin C, there is some sugar added to them when they're being dried. They're a great healthy treat, rather than something we should be eating every day. We learned that they can be dried by being out in the sun, or by machines. Most of us enjoyed eating craisins because they were juicy, sweet and tasted just like cranberry juice!

We've been doing lots of work learning about healthy foods. We know that healthy foods give our bodies the things we need to be strong and active and for our bodies to grow. We had to think about the types of foods that we could have for dinner that would be good for us. We drew all of those healthy foods and glued them onto a paper plate, along with drawings of a healthy dessert, a drink and cutlery, which we made with silver paper. We put them on a piece of cardboard to make it look like a placemat. You can read some of the descriptions of our meals on our writing blog. We're going to ask our mums and dads if we can help them make our healthy meal at home one night!

Mrs N received an email from our Italian penpals. They received our letters and they're busy writing back to us. Hopefully, we'll be hearing from them soon!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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