Monday, March 12, 2012

Big News!

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Mrs G thinks we have a great idea about what blogging is all about, so she's created blogs of our very own at kidblog. We will be using them for some class activities, as well as to write about whatever we want at home. Mrs G is happy, because since we got home from school today, quite a few of us have already added new posts! It seems that we have some very keen writers in our class.

Emily and Adam posting on their own blogs
It's very exciting that we have the chance to write about anything and have the whole world able to read it! However, it's also a big responsibility. We came up with some blogging guidelines that will help us be responsible bloggers and internet users.
  • Don't post any personal information, such as last names, the name of our school, or the places we live.
  • Always ask permission before we put anyone's photo on the internet.
  • Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar at all times!
  • Don't say anything that might hurt somebody's feelings. 
  • Be proud of everything we post - we should be happy for everyone we know (including our parents and grandparents) to read anything we write.
You can access our blogs by clicking on the links in the right side bar. Please leave us some comments!

Our photo challenge topics for today were "wet", "art" and "a great smile". Our volunteer photographers today were Maddi, Seth and Adam.

Maddi was the artist of the week for our class last week, so
she photographed her picture on display in the artroom window.
Seth found a wet area outside our classroom where someone
had spilled their water bottle.
Brock has a fantastic smile and Adam photographed it beautifully!
It's Monday which means we had Monday Munchies today! Our healthy food this week was one that nobody had tried before and most of us had never even seen it before. We tried kiwiberries. They're about the size of a cherry tomato and have smooth, dark green skin. They felt a little squishy and juicy. When we cut them open, they looked exactly like Kiwifruit! That's because they're another species, which are smaller and without furry skin. We thought they tasted almost the same as Kiwifruit, but a little bit like a fresh fig too.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. They a yummy ! Love Angela

  2. hi ths is Charli i rearly think we are the best class in the world because we get Monday Monchies and all the thousend of little thing we get.But only because we have the best teacher in the world.