Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aussie Rules Football

In Australia, one of the most popular sports is Australian Rules Football. Sometimes it's called Aussie Rules, AFL, or footy! The AFL season has just started, so we played a new Maths game based on the way scoring is done in the games. Scoring in Aussie Rules is a bit different to most sports. When a goal is scored, the team is awarded six points. If they miss the goal, but kick the ball between the side posts, they are awarded one point and this is called a "behind".

For our Maths game, we got into pairs and had a scorecard and two different coloured dice. First, we needed to decide which dice colour represented goals and which represented behinds. We then rolled the dice and wrote the results on the scorecard. Next, was the tricky bit! We needed to calculate how many points our team got. We needed to use our six times tables and lots of mental addition. We were allowed to use calculators to check our scores, if we needed to. The game was lots of fun and was a great way to be practising some of our maths facts.

Breanna has been very busy at home. She decided that she wanted to draw a map of her house and garden. She made this fantastic "bird's eye view" diagram and brought it in to show the class. She has included a lot of detail and has drawn all the different garden areas very well, even using some symbols to represent various things. Mrs G loves to hear about the independent learning her students do away from school! Great job, Breanna!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. We are a grade 4 class from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We thought your Aussie Rules Football video was amazing! We especially liked the tackling and the goals. It looks exciting to play. We didn't know anything about this sport before, but it reminds us of rugby and American football. This is one wicked sport.
    :-) We hope that you will visit our blog and leave a comment for us too.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Mrs G and the Smarties,
    Mrs G stopped by and put a comment on our class blog. We were excited to see that you are also in Western Australia! We did wonder what school you were at.
    Our principal LOVES the Dockers and HATES the Eagles. He tells anyone barracking for the Eagles that they are in trouble!
    Mrs Wolfenden and the Year 3 Superstars.

  3. Breanna well done!From Angela

  4. Hi Mrs G and the Smarties,
    We really love your AFL game. It seems like a really fun way to learn tables and practise mental maths.
    We are part of the Junior Footy tipping and were able to get 6 correct over the weekend. Not bad when we vote a majority to choose winners.
    From Mrs W and the Fantastic Fours

  5. Hi I'm Jasmine from Ms.Birdsall's class. The video is really cool!!!!