Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10,000 Hits

After checking our hit counter on Friday, we predicted that we would reach 10,000 hits over the long weekend and we were right! We were happy to see that we have had 10,004 visitors to our blog since the start of this year. It's exciting to know that we have shared our learning with so many people!

We've decided to participate in a photo challenge. We saw that 3H at Merewether Heights Primary School had organised a challenge, but we didn't see it in time to begin when they did. We started it today and we'll take two, or three photos each day this week to catch up! It will be a good way to practise our photography skills with our class camera. Each day, there is a word or phrase and we are going to take it in turns to think of a way we can take a photo of something representing those ideas. Today, we did respect, noisy and being physical.

We are showing respect for our classroom resources by putting them
away where they belong. This photograph was taken by Hailey.
Angelina and Jared seem to be enjoying banging on the desk
and being noisy. Chelsey took this picture.
Kaiden and Laura are being physical on the playground.
This photo was taken by Jai.
We tried something new today. We did "running dictation" and it was really fun, but very challenging! We got into pairs and one of us was the writer and one of us was the runner. The runner had a piece of paper with two or three sentences written on it and they were about ten metres away from their partner. It was the runner's job to carefully read the sentences, put their paper down, then run to their partner and tell them what was written on the paper. The writer then needed to write it down. The runner could go back to check the paper as often as they liked. It sounds pretty easy, right? WRONG!

We discovered that clear communication was really, really important! The runner had to clearly dictate the words and the writer had to listen very carefully. Lots of team work was required to make sure that the finished sentences were exactly the same as the ones Mrs G gave us. Our spelling and punctuation needed to be absolutely perfect and we had to make sure that we didn't leave any words out, or add extra ones in. Not only was it a great exercise in communication, but it also showed us the importance of proof-reading and editing our writing until it is perfect. It's going to be a regular activity in our class and we'll be challenging ourselves to get better and better at it!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. Nice work Smarties! We are really enjoying the photo challenge each day and we love thinking of creative ways to represent the subject! It won't take you too long to catch up to us!
    Good luck!

  2. hi yr3/4 nice work Jared and Angelina! Good luck yr 3/4

  3. Hello 3/4 class. I love your blog it is really cool. I love looking and seeing what you get up to. Keep the awsome photos coming. From Mrs W

  4. Hi we have the best teacher on the unoverse because she lets us do auesome things like daily 5 and ect I like being in Mrs G class and thank you for going on our blog by Chelsey