Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our New Learning Tools

We have some new tools for learning in our classroom. They're called Hot Dots. We have sets of flashcards and some special electronic pens. We look at the Maths problem on a card then press the special pen onto the dot next to the number we think is the answer. If we're right, a green light appears and if we were wrong, it glows red. It's a fun way to practise our basic maths facts and we're looking forward to using them in our Maths rotations.

The topics for the photo challenge today were "in my school bag", "bus stop" and "teachers". We learned about the importance of getting permission before we take someone's picture and put it on the internet. Some people don't want their picture online and they should always be given the choice (and it's also good manners to ask before you take a photo of someone).

This is a picture Ryan took of what was inside his schoolbag
today. It was just his hat and lunchbox!
We don't have any official bus stops near our school, so Emily
took a picture of where the school buses park in the afternoon.
The lovely Mrs M and Miss F are teachers at our school and they
happily posed for Alexia to take this photo.
Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. Hi guy's i realy like what we are doing in class. I ealy like our new toy the Hot Dots

    Love Charli

  2. Hello Smarties,

    I wonder if you can guess who this is. You are all working really well for Mrs G. and I really love your blog. It is the first time that I have been on it. Keep up the good work and Remy I really loved your story. See you tomorrow. xx