Monday, August 30, 2010

We love our Classroom

What are the things we like and don't like about our classroom? This was the question we needed to answer in Daily Writing today. Our friends, the blog and using computers were things we really liked, but some of us didn't like doing writing or mental maths.

Our classroom is the best. The things I like about our classroom are that my friends are nice and my teacher is the best. There is nothing I don't like about my classroom because it is the best! Our blog is fun and we can learn lots of new stuff every day when Mrs N is here. We learn stuff about other countries and words. Computers are fun because we can play Tux Paint.
By Raquel

In my classroom I like the Tux Paint drawings. We have fish hanging around the classroom and I like New Wave Mental. What I don't like, is handwriting. The blog is awesome. The computers are awesome too. I like our classroom and the blog and the computers.
By Jake

The things I like in our classroom are the 100 dots art and the fish we made. My friends are Caitlin, Kate, Allia, Ella, Tia and Meg. The thing I don't like is homework. I like the blog because it is fun. I like the Smartboard because it is fun.
By Kelsi

I like our fish, our blog and our Fruits of the Holy Spirit posters. I don't like Daily Writing or my Triantiwontigongolope picture. The Smartboard is cool and I like the Lego games.
By Joshua

The thing I like about my classroom is doing Art, because we get to paint. The thing I don't like is doing writing. I like the blog because it is awesome because we get to put videos on it.
By Caitlin

We did word sorts in Spelling. Identifying the sounds in our words and sorting them into their groups is getting easier. We also did some on the Smartboard using a site called Word Magnet. Mrs N typed in all the words and the headings and we had to help sort them into their groups, according to the sounds in each word. It was fun!
One of our word sorts using Word Magnet
We revised halves and quarters in Maths. We watched a video on YouTube that was really helpful in explaining it to us.

We were scientists this afternoon. We conducted experiments to find out what happens to rain when it falls on various surfaces. We used plastic cups with little holes in the bottom of them and walked around the school, finding places to drip our "rain" onto. We used our clipboards to record our observations. Here's what we found out!

Bitumen - It made a puddle, then spread and then began to evaporate.
Grass - It sank in, but some drops stuck to the leaves.
Sand - It made a puddle, ran down into the little valleys, then sank in.
Soil - It sank in quickly.
Concrete - It spread around and made puddles.
Metal - It made a puddle and spread around.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi to Alex H and all the Smarties!!
    We had time today to wander around and enjoy many parts of your blog. I don't know how you manage to do so many things in your days. You must manage your TIME very well! We still can't even say Triant.........-that thing.
    Nannie and I have just come back from Kitchener Ontario. Thursday we are going to Ottawa, Ontario, which is the capital of all of Canada, like Canberra is of Australia.
    Keep up the good work everyone; we really enjoy visiting your blog!