Thursday, August 12, 2010

Story, Cubes, Poetry and Art

We loved the story Mrs N wrote for us, using Zooburst. It was amazing to see the characters pop-up, especially when we used the webcam! We can't wait to try to make our own. Next week, we're going to start planning our stories.

We have learned about a 3D shape called a cube. We now know that cubes:
  • have 6 faces (or sides)
  • have edges and corners
  • stack easily 
  • make good blocks for building with
  • are used to make dice
We made cubes

Today, we learned about using commas in lists. When we are writing a sentence and we need to make a list of lots of things, we use commas to separate them, instead of saying "and" each time. It makes our writing much nicer to read. We only need to use one "and" and that's just before the last thing in the list. Here are some sentences we wrote in daily writing.

I like sheep, dogs, penguins, pineapples, kittens, cats, and puppies. I like ponies, pizza and apples.
By Kelsi

I like pizza, Rexy, motorbikes, Lego, computers and chocolate. I like cricket, guitar and chooks.
By Joel

I like pizza, stickers, rabbits, Lego, rulers, Mum and Dad. I like cats, dogs, footy, my friends, cricket and guitar.
By Joshua

I like apples, motorbikes, tigers, lions, mangoes, scary movies, action, scooters, bikes, Tux Paint, our blog, art, pizza, tacos, fish and chips, sharks, Hungry Jacks, Chooks, football, McDonalds, KFC, chips, chocolate fountains, lollies and Mrs N.
By Jack

I like Star Wars, sharks, Smiggles, my dad and my mum. I like Lego, laptops, Moshi Monster,school and the Smarties. I like KFC, Chooks, Hungry Jacks and my birthday.
By Alex

We're getting excited about our upcoming recital of The Triantiwontigongolope. Mrs N is very, very proud of us, because we know ALL the words! We are now working on using our voices to make it interesting for the audience to listen to. If we change the volume of our voices in certain parts, or the speed we are talking, it makes the poem more entertaining. We are also learning to use facial expressions to express the emotions of the poem. We might have a practice performance at school assembly on Friday so that we feel less nervous when we're doing the real thing!

While we were practising our poem, we began to wonder what a Triantiwontigongolope might look like, so we decided to use our imagination, as well as some of the clues in the poem, and draw one! Here's what we came up with.

We have an extra long weekend coming up! All the teachers in the school are going to a conference on Monday and Tuesday, so they can learn lots of new things. We were surprised that teachers still have things to learn!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear Taj

    we love your work it is great
    we have looked at all of your work

    Love from Jeri & Shayla

  2. Oh My Gosh Year 2 Smarties! You have been so busy! Cubes, commas, even and odd numbers, insect rally, water usage and TRI - ANTI - WONTI - GONGA - LOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic term you are having, Mrs N & Mrs M are wonderful teachers. I bet the rest of the school wishes they had a blogsite as well. I love reading about everything you have been learning. I am looking forward to seeing you perform the Triantiwontigongalope poem soon. Love Mrs H

  3. Hi Smarties,
    I think you are a wonderful class with a wonderful teacher! I love reading your blog. It gives me lots of great ideas that I hope to use one day when I have Year 2 class (at the moment I teach Kindergarten). I have been making cubes with my own sons though so I thought you might like to have a look at this site
    We made the glueless cubes (under Maths magic) but there are lots of other ideas that you might like to use too! The cubes weren't too hard once we got the hang of it and we liked the video because we could watch it again and again. Hope you like it too!!

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