Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yummy Broccolini

Even though today was Wednesday, we had Monday Munchies! Mrs G has been away at meetings for a few days, so we couldn't do it on our usual day. Our healthy food this week was Broccolini, which looks a bit like little trees! It's a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli (kai-lan) and it can be eaten cooked or raw (we had it raw). The whole thing can be eaten, including the stems, and it's rich in Vitamins C and A, as well as containing iron, folate and calcium. Lots of us really loved it and asked for seconds, thirds and even fourths! It would make a great snack food for our lunchboxes. 

Mrs G is really proud of all of the Smarties because we ALL try the healthy foods she brings in, even if we don't think we're going to like it. It's ok not to like the taste or texture of something, as long as we TRY it! Mrs G told us about how she didn't like tomatoes in sauce when she was a little girl, but now she loves tomato sauce on pasta, or on pizza and even on chicken. Our tastes can change and just because we didn't like something when we've tried it before, it's possible we'll like it some other time, so it's important to keep trying healthy foods!

A package arrived for us today. It was some new flashcards we ordered for our classroom. They're not just ordinary flashcards though. They're actually mini whiteboards! We tried them out today and we're going to be using them for lots and lots of things to help us with our learning.

Our Daily 5 sessions are going super-well! We are now experts at Read to Self and almost experts at Word Work. We have lots of choices to practice our spelling. We can choose from mini-whiteboards, mini-blackboards, playdough, coloured matchsticks, scrabble tiles, alphabet stamps, stencils, or metallic textas. It's fun to practise our spelling words using these tactile materials. Today, for the first time, we were allowed to choose whether we did Read to Self or Word Work first. It's nice to be able to make choices in our learning. Next week, we'll be learning how to do Listen to Reading!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G

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  1. Good to see the kids trying new foods, wish they would at home.