Friday, February 24, 2012

What we Like About Year 3/4

In writing today, we wrote about some of the things we like about being in Year 3/4. We then recorded ourselves reading it aloud on VoiceThread. Some of the most popular things about our class are Daily 5, Monday Munchies, brain breaks and Tutpup.Mrs G is very pleased that there are so many things we like about our class! 

Mrs G is going to be away from school for three days next week, so we did our Monday Munchies today instead of on Monday. We tried dried apples. Dried fruit can be healthy in moderation, especially if it's a brand that doesn't have any added sugar or oil. Most of us thought dried apples were really yummy and we'd love some in our lunchboxes, but some of us said we'd prefer to eat a fresh apple.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. very quiet can't hear it

  2. very queit can't hear it was from my mum from Angela

  3. Hi Mrs G and Year 3/4,

    I loved hearing about your favourite things in Year 3/4 this year. It is wonderful to hear all the things you do like!! I will have to give Mrs G a new microphone so we can hear your comments more easily.

    Keep working hard and enjoying your learning!

  4. Hi
    I am a Year 4 teacher in Shrewsbury, England. I have just been looking at your blog and it is great! I hope you will look at ours and make some comments. Its:

    Mr Holmes

  5. i hate swimming lessons and i all so hate dried apple i live in egland and i love your blog