Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Smarties

Here are some of the new Smarties! Most of us brought in our permission slips today, so we posed for our very first photo. Now we can start posting pictures of us hard at work and sharing some of the things we do.

In Maths today, we made glyphs about our Summer holidays. A glyph is a picture that gives us information. We answered a questionnaire and then created our picture based on our answers. When we looked at everyone's pictures afterwards, we could find out all sorts of information about their holidays without needing any words to tell us. For example, Remy's picture tells us that she tried a new activity, she had a sleepover and she is excited to be back at school! Jye's picture tells us that he tried a new food, he had a bad surprise in the holidays and he isn't very excited about the holidays being over!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. Dear The Smarties,

    Have a nice school year!!! Look forward to your posting.

    Your blogging friends from Russia

  2. Hi Smarties,

    Last year we were good friends with the Smarties, we are hoping that we will also be good friends with this years as well.

    We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years but glad to be back at school. It has been a real summer with lots of beach and pool days.

    How was your Christmas?

    My name is Mrs Milton and I live in Victoria in a small city out of Melbourne called Geelong. I have a new grade this year. I am now teaching grade 1 and 2 which is exciting.

    Here is our new blog address. Drop in and say 'hi' and leave us a comment.

    Most of the students in my grade have not had any blogging experience so this is very exciting for them.

    Mrs G what are your topics this year? (Congratulations on your name change, did you get married?) Hopefully we might be able to Skype again?

    Look forward to hearing from you Mrs Milton