Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to Miss H!

Miss H with The Smarties
Our class is very lucky. We have a student teacher in our classroom this term. Her name is Miss H and she’s really nice! She’s learning how to be a teacher and she’s planning lots of interesting lessons for us. We love having her in our classroom!

This term, we’re learning all about Australia. We brainstormed words about our country. We came up with a lot! We thought of places, animals, people and things we like to do. Mrs N asked us to choose five of those words and put them into sentences. We know a lot about Australia already! Some of the sentences we wrote were:

Echidnas are interesting because they have spikes. (Taj)
Redback spiders are really poisonous spiders. (Declan)
Queensland has the Gold Coast in it. (Paige)
Emus are very fast, but they can’t fly. (Cathy)
Julia Gillard is the first female Prime Minister. (Stephany)
A Platypus is an interesting animal because it has a bill like a duck. (Makayla)
Ned Kelly was a bushranger and he is famous. (Elise)
A platypus can hold its breath underwater. (Aodhan)
The outback is an extremely good place to camp at. (Sharni)
The Tasmanian Devil eats meat. (Brydie)

Yesterday was Monday, which means we got to try another healthy food. This time, it was something brown and furry. It was kiwifruit!

Some of us had eaten them before, but there were quite a few people who hadn’t and we were all eager to have a taste. When Mrs N cut them open, we could see all the tiny black seeds inside. The flesh was a pretty green colour and looked soft. We all had a taste and almost everyone thought they were delicious! Kiwifruit are a really tasty and healthy snack and we’ll be asking our mums and dads to get us some!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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