Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Aboriginal Flag

The Aboriginal Flag
As part of our Australia theme this term, we've learned about our flags. Last week, we learned about the different parts of the official Australian flag and this week we've learned about the Aboriginal one. It has three colours, which each represent something. The yellow is for the Sun, which provides life. The red is for the earth, which is a reddish colour in many parts of the outback. The black represents the dark-coloured skin of the aboriginal people.

Every Wednesday morning, we have lots of parent helpers in our classroom. This morning, we had Sharni's dad, Elise's mum, Brydie's mum and Tieg's mum. They helped us with a couple of art projects we've been working on.

With the help of Sharni's dad, we each painted an aboriginal flag. We folded a piece of paper exactly in half, then traced a round lid in the middle and painted it all in the correct colours. Tieg's mum helped us paint a blue background for an Australian flag. We coloured in a Union Jack with textas and we'll be gluing it, and some stars, onto the background tomorrow. Brydie and Elise's mum helped us work on our Aussie thong artwork. We traced around our feet, cut them out and then used a split pin to attach the straps to our thongs. Mrs N then taped the ends of the straps to the back and they look like real shoes! You'll be able to see all of our amazing art work on Friday, when Mrs N posts them!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Wow that is so awesome! I love how simple the aboriginal flag is. My family is from Poland and our flag is red and white. The white represents the white eagle and the red is the sunset. Legend has it that when Lech was deciding to form a country he saw a white eagle fly across a red sky. His brothers Czech made Czech and Rus mad Russia.

    Ms K (Munchkins)

  2. Dear Smarties,
    Thatlooks awesome! making all that stuf is just lucky as.We dont do that much art but we do lots.We are doing lots of art and when we have done it all we are going to put it all together.We love doing art.Do you like doing art?

    from OLivia

  3. Dear Smarties,
    My grade has made the Aboriginal flag but we didn`t paint it we cut and pasted it. Is Western Ausralia a good place?
    Fromn Caitlin in 2MK

  4. Dear smarties
    We made the flag to but we did not yous pant
    we yous paper.
    from Heather