Friday, May 27, 2011

Aussie Thongs

We've been busy with some Australian art projects and they're finally finished! For the first one, we made thongs, which are classic Australian footwear. Lots of people like to wear them in the Summer at the beach. Unfortunately, ours are only made of paper, so we can't wear them, but they're brightening up our classroom!

Our second art activity was painting the Australian and Aboriginal flags. We think they turned out great!

Jenaya brought in some Aboriginal artefacts for us to look at. She had a shield and a boomerang, as well as a poster of a dance group that her dad is in. They were really interesting to look at!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. I think there's a few thong designers in The Smarties. They're so colourful, perfect for the beach.

    Well done Smarties

    from Paige's Granny

  2. Roadrunners tried to figure out thongs last week. We decided they were like flip flops or sandals with a piece between the toe. I guess we figured right. Your paper ones are so colorful. The flag is nice too. Do you get to do a lot of art work?

  3. Dear Jenaya,
    We have aboriginal objects in our class room and one of them are a boomerang. Some of the
    other objects are stuff they use to eat. I can't wait till we skype together next week.
    From Paris

  4. Dear smarties,
    I liked your thongs because they were colourful.
    I like Sharnis the most.
    What was your favouite thong?
    From Mikayla

  5. Dear Smarties
    I like your thongs aspeacily yours Jaj.
    I have a lot of thongs at home my mum wont let throw some out.
    How many thongs have?
    from jude

  6. Dear Smarties,
    Hi my name is Charlotte i am from 2mk.
    I realy like Sharnis,amys and Julies thongs.
    from Charlotte.

  7. Dear Smarties,
    My name is Zoe.I am from 2MK.I like Sharni,Amy and Julie,s aussie thong,s best.
    From Zoe.