Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Mrs N and the Tooth Fairy are great friends and they had lunch together on the weekend. We wanted to know what she looked like, but Mrs N didn't have any photos of her, so we looked online and found a description of her instead.

The Tooth Fairy has long, black hair that blows in the wind. She is smiling. She wears a long, pink dress with yellow stars on it and green slippers. She carries a black purse to keep the teeth in. She has two wings that look like butterfly wings. They are yellow, pink and green. Her wand has a green handle and a star at the end. It sparkles to help her see in the dark.

After we read the description together, we went back and looked for words that would help us draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy. The types of words we were looking for were nouns and adjectives. The nouns told us what we needed to include in our picture and the adjectives told us what they looked like. It made our drawings very easy to do!

As we were so good at reading a description to work out what something looks like, Mrs N showed us a picture of her lunch and asked us to write our own descriptions. We needed to think about the nouns and adjectives we could use to make our writing very clear. You can read some of them on our writing blog. Tomorrow, we'll be writing descriptions of our own lunches because we have a special project happening!

Our letters to our new Italian penpals are almost done! You can read some of them on our writing blog. At our school, everyone has an Italian lesson each week with Signora L and she teaches us about Italy and about the language they speak there. We wrote two sentences in Italian in our letters, as well as saying hello and goodbye.

Ciao! (Hello, or goodbye!)
Io mi chiamo Jessica. (My name is Jessica.)
Io ho sei anni. (I am six years old.)
Io ho sette anni. (I am seven years old).

This was our first try at writing letters. We learned about including an address, a date and a greeting. In the first part of our letter, we wrote a little bit about ourselves and in the second part, we asked our new friends some questions. We'll be posting our letters tomorrow and it will be very exciting waiting for the replies!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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