Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome Lachlan!

We were very pleased to meet our newest Smartie, Lachlan, today! Taj and Isaac are his class buddies and they did a great job of showing him around the school and organising games to play with him at recess and lunchtime. It was great to learn a little about Lachlan today and we're sure he's going to love being in our class! Here are some of the things he told us about himself:
  • He likes to sleep over at his Nanna and Pop's house.
  • His grandparents have a pool that he loves to swim in.
  • He likes to play football and go running.
  • His favourite food is apples.
Not only were we excited to meet our new friend Lachlan, we were also very happy to be back at school seeing our old friends. We were all full of news about our holidays and it sounds like everyone had a great time! We wrote about it in Daily Writing.

On the holidays, I went to a farm. My cabin number was 10. I went to the shearing shed.
By Jake

On the holidays, I saw Marmaduke, Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever After at the movies. On Saturday, it was my brother's party. He got a cricket set and a Ben 10 race track.
By Kyle

On the holiday, I had a sleepover at Raquel's. Allia was there and Catherine was there. Meg was there and we were playing on the Wii. We played Just Dance and we were yelling and we played Polly Pocket and we had a cake and then we cooked. We watched Aliens in the Attic. The cake was yummy.
By Charlee

On the holiday, I went to see three movies and went to three birthdays. Kate, Holly and Raquel had birthdays.
By Tia

I got the Star Wars Wii game. It is cool. I went to the movies to see Toy Story 3. I got lollies, popcorn and lemonade. It was yum.
By Matthew

I went to the movies. I went to see Karate Kid. It was fun. My favourite bit was when the Karate Kid hit the bad guy. The master said to break the Karate Kid's legs, no matter what.
By Joel

On the holidays, I went to the shop and I went to the park. My brother's name is Cambell. We had a bath then we went to bed.
By Lachlan

Our theme for this term is "Water". We'll be learning about the water cycle, how to care for our water supplies and also a little about animals that live in the water. This morning, we did some investigations into water using our five senses. Here are some of our observations:

Sight - invisible, glowy, wavy, clear, bubbly, see-through, shiny, sparkly, runny
Smell - chlorine, nothing
Taste - nothing
Touch - cold, wet, fizzy, soft, warm
Sound - bubbling, wooshing, dripping, crashing

We also had a brainstorm about all the places we can find water.

In Art, we started to make some 3D fish. We had to carefully fold a big sheet of paper in half, draw an outline of a fish, then cut it out, going through both pieces of paper so that we ended up with two fish. We painted and decorated them with sequins and paper. Next week, we'll be stapling them together and stuffing them with rolled up newspaper. Our classroom will look like an aquarium soon!

It was a great start to Term 3!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi there Smarties! The 3D fish are looking fantastic already. Sounds like Mrs N & Mrs M have organised another fun term and I can't wait to hear all the things you learn about water. We had a great time on the holidays too. Love Mrs H.