Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100th Day

Today was our 100th day of Grade 2, so we did some activities involving the number 100. For Daily Writing, our topic was "If I had $100...". Mrs N isn't sure we'd actually be able to buy ALL the things we want, but it was fun to think about!

If I had $100, I would get an iPod and a rabbit. One more thing, and that is an iPhone.
By Caitlin

If I had $100, I'd buy a pool, a DSI, iPod Touch, Star Wars Lego and my own school and my own office.
By Jake

If I had $100, I would buy a Wii game, a new TV, a hotel, DVDs, lollies, toys, a Lego set, puppies, a DSI, a phone and Zu Zu Pets.
By Matthew

If I had $100, I would buy lots of animals and I would buy an iPod and I would buy a horse. I would buy everything and I would buy toys and that is what I would buy.
By Tia

If I had $100, I would have animals and I would have a car. I would buy a DSI and some flowers for my mum and dad. I would buy a house.
By Allia

Our classroom is FULL of words. They're in books, on our deskmats and all around our room on the walls. We needed to choose 100 words to write today and we had to make sure they were spelled correctly and written neatly. 100 seemed like a lot to write when we started, but it wasn't so bad. We have already learned so much this year and most of us had no trouble thinking of 100 words to put on our page!

Tia and Kelsi busy writing their 100 words
Charlee with her100 words

We did "spot art" this afternoon. We were each given ten strips of ten stickers (which equals 100!) and we had to make a design or picture using exactly 100 spots. It was so much fun and we came up with some very creative ideas. We had to plan ahead and think about how many spots of each colour we had and choose how best to use them. Don't they look great!?

Mrs N gave us a surprise this afternoon. She told us that on Thursday, we're going to be using iPod Touches! We've borrowed 10 to try out. Some of us have bigger brothers and sisters who have one, but most of us have never used one before. We're so excited (so is Mrs N)!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi Smarties!

    We liked your slideshow of your 100 days of school. It was pretty cool that you could make art using 100 spot stickers.

    We had our 100th day of school too! We had a challenge to write 100 words just like you. We also. We made crowns with 100 days of school on them and they had 100 things on them. We also counted to 100 in lots of different ways. We also read 3 poems about 100 days of school. One of the poems even had 100 words in it! We also drew 100 stars
    You can read about our day here:

    From Room 4 and Rachel, Waiuku Primary
    New Zealand