Monday, July 26, 2010


Each morning when Mrs N is teaching us, we love to look at our blog and check out how many hits we've had and to read our comments. We use calculators to work out exactly how many times our blog has been looked at since we were last at school.
Meg, Raquel and Catherine ready to calculate!
First, we check the hit counter and read it out loud. It's tricky to read such a big number, but we're learning fast! Mrs N then writes the number of hits we have and the number we had the last day we checked, as a subtraction problem. We use our calculators to work out the difference. We take it in turns each day to copy sentences about it onto the whiteboard. Next, we write our hit total on a chart to help us learn about place value.
Kelsi wrote our sentences today.
In our Maths lesson today, we practised using number lines to help us add up. We did some practice sums using an online number line, which was really fun. We did it in pairs, with one person writing the sum on the whiteboard with a pen and the other person working out the answer on the Smartboard.

We got the hang of it very quickly, then went to our desks to do LOTS of other sums on our own. We used our rulers as number lines this time. They are always on our desks, so they are always handy when we need to work something out!
Ella is using her ruler as a number line
Caitlin and Catherine made videos to explain how they use number lines.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Thanks year 2 for creating such a great blog. I loved chatting with Mrs N today. Have fun:-)))

  2. Hi Alex and all the Smarties. We are still enjoying your blog, although we haven't as much online time as we'd like to look at all of it! We're travelling in our RV for ten days. We crossed from Ontario, Canada into New York State, USA. We especially liked the Adirondack Mountains. Then we drove through Vermont and New Hampshire (the White Mountains were beautiful!) and are now in Maine, on the Atlantic Ocean coast.
    Keep up all your good work; we really enjoy your blog. Your vegie garden looks great!
    Grandma and Nannie

  3. Wow Smarties, you guys have been busy! So much is happening this term, your vegie garden, the ipod touches, wordles, number lines. Mrs N & Mrs M are great teachers. I love checking the blog and keeping up to date with everything. Keep up the fantastic work everyone. Love Mrs H

  4. Hi Joel, Mrs N & all the smarties
    As you know Joel I work at another Primary School and it's great to see what your Yr 2 class is up to and then check out what our Yr 2 class is up to. By the look of what I have seen, your whole class and teacher seem to be very very busy indeed... good to see. Your vegie garden's looking good, we have just started one at our schhol..Love your blog and I'll visit the Smarties again soon so bye for now. Love Carole

  5. Dear class mates
    im so icsited about school tammoro because I think shhool is realy fun.

    from meg.