Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today was the last day of school for Term 1. We are now lucky enough to be on holidays for two weeks! Lots of The Smarties are going camping, some will be going to the movies and some of us are going to be staying home and playing with our family and friends. We've been working very hard and deserve a break!

Mrs N was very pleased when she came to school today, because there was a note on her desk telling her that The Smarties won the "Miss Venice" prize for being the best behaved class, during Italian lessons, in the whole school! We got a special basket with a bear in it, to keep in our classroom for a while. We are very proud of ourselves!
Our Signorina Venezia Bear
This morning, the whole school did Stations of the Cross. This is where we remember the things that happened to Jesus on Good Friday. We walked around the school and stopped to listen to stories and say prayers at each station. Our class was asked to act out the second station, which is about Jesus starting to carry the cross.
For Daily Writing today, we had to think about our favourite parts of the term. We looked back on all our blog entries and were surprised to remember some of the things we've done. We didn't realise we'd been so busy! Here are our favourite things about this term:

Kyle - I liked it when Mrs N put pictures of us on the blog pretending we were in the snow. It is fun having a blog. We're famous.

Kate - This term, I liked going on the computers and when we played Tutpup. I liked tasting all of the food and they tasted so, so, so, so good and I liked it when the Eagles came.

Joshua - We had the computers for 3 days and we did Tutpup. We did the Stations of the Cross today.

Raquel - In Term One, the Eagles came and Rick the Rock the Eagle came too and he was funny. He tripped over the bench and we got a good photo.

Tia - On the first day of school, I said to Josh that I felt like I was new. We played computer and it was fun and we played Tutpup.

Ella - This term, I liked when we got a package from Kentucky. We got Goldfish and a jam sandwich book and a card from all of them.

Jake - In Term One, we made masks. We did Clean Up Australia Day. We made bug catchers. We made bug stories and used computers for a whole day.

Catherine - In Term One, we had Wacky Hair Day. My hair was in lots and lots of little plaits with hair spray. My plaits were blue and the middle was pink.

Matthew - I liked it when we did the tasting of the Hot Cross Buns. The Eagles came to school to tell us about healthy lunches.

Jack - My favourite part of Term One was when we made the blog. I like the blog because it has lots of fun things.

Charlee - This term, we made some monsters on the computers and we designed them. We printed all the Wordles off the printer. Some were sideways and it was fun. We did Tux Paint.

Kiara - My favourite part was when we got to do our masks on the computer and when we got to colour them in.

Minnesota - I liked when Mrs N tricked us by pretending the koala was talking to us about the Mobile Muster. I liked doing Stations of the Cross and playing Tutpup.

Taj - I liked when we got the computer for the whole day and made a mask and did Tux Paint.

Caitlin - We did a taste test of Hot Cross Buns and I liked all of them and I didn't know which one to pick.

Alex - My favourite things that we did in Term One were getting the Goldfish from Kentucky and Wacky Hair Day. I liked the computers and our Daily Writing books.

Noah - My best day was when Mrs N tricked us with the newspaper article about the kids being off the streets at last! It was funny when we wore hats for Hats for Haiti Day and I liked when we saw a sprint car.

Joel - We did Mobile Muster. I liked playing Tutpup on the computers. I do Reading Recovery.

Isaac - I want to go back to when Mrs N pretended and told us about the newspaper article. It was fun and funny. I liked the Hot Cross Buns and when we made masks.

We had a good look at our Easter Traditions Wiki today. Many of the other countries have put information about how they celebrate Easter. It was very interesting to read. Some countries like Canada and Poland have traditions a bit like ours, but some countries, like Thailand and Israel don't have Easter at all, but they have other celebrations at around the same time, which they have told us about. Check out our wiki to read it for yourself!

Mrs L, our teacher from last year, came to visit us today! She brought her little baby, called Charlie. He's so cute! He didn't cry at all. We asked her lots of questions about where she's been and about the baby. We loved having her visit.
Mrs L and Charlie
There was super excitement this afternoon during our traditional school Easter Egg raffle! Most people had tickets. There were a lot of prizes and a few of The Smarties won something!
Kate, Alex, Tia and Isaac with the prizes they won

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. We'll be back at school on Tuesday, April 20th, eager and enthusiastic to begin learning all about Australia and its animals.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N


  1. Dear The Smarties,

    Congratulations on your award! Have a nice holiday and happy Easter!

    Lyudmila and class

  2. Well done Smarties!! you are so clever. Congratulations Mrs L and beautiful Charlie. Happy easter to you all XXX Love Mrs S

  3. Hi Smarties,

    What a great blog! My class is studying Australia for the next two weeks and would love to ask some questions about your wonderful continent.

    Mrs. Levy

  4. Dear Smarties,

    Looks like you've had a fantastic term! A lot happens at your school!

    I love all of the cool custom pictures and the scratch-off Welcome Back on your blog! They are very cool!


  5. Hi Charlee
    hope your having fun at school.
    Love from your Aunty

  6. Hi charlee I hope you are working well at school love from nanny