Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to School!

Today is the start of Term 2 at school. We had exciting, fun-filled holidays. During Daily Writing, we wrote about our holidays and we'll be making digi-art this week to show you some of the things we did, so check back another time to see!

When we got to school, we were allowed to choose which desks we sat at today. Mrs N said that we can stay where we are for the rest of the term as long as she sees that we're getting all our work done as well as we can. We came up with a list of things we need to remember to make this happen, because we don't want her to have to move us!
  • Remain quiet during quiet times.
  • Keep our eyes on our own work.
  • Keep all four feet of our chairs on the ground.
  • Use inside voices.
  • Keep our hands to ourselves.
  • Be kind and polite always.
  • Be sensible.
  • Let other people work in peace.
  • Our textas are for drawing, not for constructing rockets!
  • Our rulers are for ruling up and measuring, not for sword fighting!
Our school looked different when we got here this morning. We have some new buildings going up. The very big tree in the Pre-Primary playground was cut down so that we could build a new kindy. We are also getting a new library. At the moment, there is a lot of sand and builder's equipment. It'll be interesting to see the buildings being built.

Our Thinking Hats activity had us thinking about "What if we were nocturnal?" We know that "nocturnal" means being active at night and resting during the day.
Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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