Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is World Earth Day and we did a lot of thinking about ways that we can help look after the Earth. This morning, we did a brainstorm using, and thought of many things we can do. You can click on the image below and scroll in and out, or drag it around, to read what we came up with.

We made an Earth Day pledge, promising to make sure it's Earth Day every day! Here is the pledge we wrote:
The Smarties' Earth Day Pledge
We promise to look after the Earth
by taking care of water and using it carefully,
by recycling whatever we can at home and at school,
and by caring for the environments of our plants and animals.

We did a mini clean-up of the oval, because when we went out to sport, we realised there was a lot of rubbish lying around. We hope it's none of the Smarties who leave their wrappers on the grass! We decided that if we ever notice someone leaving their rubbish behind,we should remind them how important it is to keep our school clean and tidy. If they don't pick it up, we'll pick it up for them.

Before the holidays, Mrs N asked us to find a postcard to send to our blogging friends in Israel. Many of us chose postcards from places we visited over the Easter break. They all have very beautiful pictures of plants, animals or scenery from Australia. Today, we wrote messages on them and we're posting them tomorrow. We hope they like them!
The Smarties with our Australian postcards ready to send to Israel.

We had fun today! Happy Earth Day!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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