Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Penguin on the Waddle

Here's our fourth instalment of Smarties TV! This story is about a penguin in Japan that escaped from the zoo. It's from Time for Kids and is read by Nikolas, Remy and Halle. A special thankyou to Halle, who had to learn an extra section of the reading passage overnight, because Seth was unwell and not at school. Great job Halle!

We're on holidays now and won't be back at school until April 26th. Mrs G will post up the final two episodes of our news programme in the next few days.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. I love your Smarties TV Mrs G and children. You look like you should all be auditioning for BTN. This gives you a really fun purpose for rehearsing your reading. I love these blog posts. Keep up the great work. Ms Taylor author of Terrific 2B, a Year 2 class blog in Brisbane.

  2. Great work, Smarties and Mrs. G! This looks like it was a really fun project. You read your news broadcasts very fluently and with strong expression. I can imagine that you must have practiced a lot. You also looked very professional in your "broadcaster" outfits, and the intro music sounded just like a real news broadcast. I know that my students will be impressed when I show them your blog next week. I bet they will want to do news broadcasts too! Enjoy your vacation.

    Ms. Birdsall
    Surrey, Canada

  3. Oh, you surely are Smarties!! These broadcasts are impressive! I think that the Superstars will have to borrow your idea and do something similar. It will be our first time using the green screen technique, so we'll see how we go.
    I hope you enjoy your first week (or two days, anyway) back at school.
    Mrs Wolfenden
    Year 3 Superstars

  4. You have really impressed us all with your fantastic news reading. You all have looked very professional and llook like you are ready to take over from the BTN crew. Well done!