Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac Day

We're now back at school after a great holiday! Mrs G has lots and lots of things planned for us and we're going to be very busy! Later in the term, the Year 4s in our class will be celebrating our First Communion, we're going to be participating in a postcard project, a monster exchange, practising for our assembly and becoming experts on our brand new school iPads. We can't wait!

Yesterday was ANZAC Day. It's a very special day for Australians as it's one of the days we commemorate those who have fought and died in war. It is named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) and the date was chosen because it's the anniversary of a very important battle in World War One. The battle was part of the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey in 1915 and was one of the first for Australian troops. Today, we watched a very informative computer animation about the Gallipoli landing on the ABC website, then we made red poppies to wear and attended the whole school prayer service.

Mrs G was very impressed with us today. She thought she was going to have to spend some time "re-training" us for Daily 5, but she didn't! We all remembered to get straight to work and focus on our tasks for the whole session. She couldn't believe it! What a fantastic class we are.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs G


  1. I agree eating healthy and exercising is really importing. It is much better than sitting in front of the tv.
    Great reading Kids all did very well.
    From Emily's Mum

    1. I agree that is good eating healthy and exercising is really better than sitting in front of the tv.From Angela.

  2. Hi Smarties and Mrs G.
    Thanks for sharing what you know about ANZAC day with us. It is also really important to us here in New Zealand because we are part of the ANZAC day remembrance in much the same way as you are in Australia. What do you know about the significance of the poppies? Why do we wear them around ANZAC day?

    From Mrs Paton
    Vardon School
    Hamilton New Zealand

  3. I read you are using IPads in the classroom. Have you discovered the App called Rover? It is free and allows you to run all flash games on your IPads. I highly recommend it we use it on our IPad especially to access our blog linked games and activities. Best of all it is free. Ms Taylor

  4. I liked wearing the poppys they where good!From Angela.

  5. Alexia I am glad you like reading love kya :)