Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing and Learning

Did you know that as we grow, we need to learn new things? We had a think about that today and came up with a list of things we learn at different stages of our lives.

As a baby, we learn:
  • how to suck on a dummy 
  • not to wake up in the middle of the night
  • how to go to sleep
  • how to drink from a bottle or from our mum
  • how to crawl
As a toddler, we learn:
  • how to crawl and then how to walk
  • that we shouldn't draw on walls
  • how to balance on one foot
  • how to ride a bike
When we're in pre-school, we learn:
  • to use scissors
  • how to glue things
  • how to sit still 
  • how to write our name
  • how to play nicely with other children
Now that we're in Grade 2, we're learning to:
  • write in paragraphs
  • use big and interesting words in our writing
  • be kind and gentle
  • rule up margins
  • do mental maths
We've learned so much!

Australia is a really, really big country and has many different environments. Aboriginal people lived (and some still live) in desert and coastal regions. We learned that "coastal" means near the ocean. Coastal areas are usually cool, moist and green. There is water available and fruit and fish to eat. Aborigines who lived in the desert live in a much hotter, drier place. There is little water and they need to rely on food such as plants, seeds and animals they can catch, such as kangaroos, goannas and emus.

We watched a video about some bush foods called Honey Ants and Witchetty Grubs. We're not sure we want to eat any of them, but they are very important and popular foods among aboriginal people.

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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