Thursday, November 4, 2010

Books and Vouchers

As we mentioned in our last post, our class won a commendation in a competition for our drawings of teachers from our school. We won some books for our school library. Our principal suggested that we choose two of the books to keep in our classroom reading boxes. Today, we had a good look at them and chose the books we wanted.
All the books we won for our school!
Mrs N narrowed our choices down by choosing the books most suitable for our age, so we had four to choose from. They were:

The Enormous Crocodile, by Roald Dahl

The Very Itchy Bear, by Nick Bland

Harry and Hopper, by Margaret Wild

Slithering Snakes, from the Ready-to-Read series

We noticed that they were all about animals! To vote, we each wrote down the two books (just the animal names) that we'd most like to keep. We created a graph to show our results. It's a new one for us, called a pie graph. It looks like a pie that's been sliced up. Some of the pieces are bigger than others, depending on the data we use. As you can see, the books we most wanted to keep were Slithering Snakes and Harry and Hooper.

We've finished counting all the vouchers for the Coles Sports for Schools programme. We have a grand total of 35 354 vouchers! What an amazing effort from our little school! We'll be able to choose lots of great equipment!

It's been a lot of work counting all those vouchers but it was a fantastic way to learn about tens, hundred and thousands. We learned that:
10 x 10 = 100
10 x 100 = 1 000
10 x 1 000 = 10 000

Our random daily writing topic was "apples". It needed to be a story that involved an apple in some way. We were very creative and wrote some great stories.
The Werewolf
Once upon a time, a princess named Elizabeth wanted to go on a walk to find flowers. "I am going on a walk to Mum's house," she said to her servants. She set off to go to her mum's house.
On the way, she got hungry and she needed a drink. She found an apple. She took a bite and she turned evil! It was getting late and the soldiers were getting worried, so they set off to find her. 

"Elizabeth," they called and out of the bushes came a big, hairy, scary werewolf. "Elizabeth, is that you?" asked one of the soldiers. "Yes, it's me, but I am more powerful," she yelled. She chased after the soldiers. "I'm going to eat you for my dinner." 

She howled and howled while she was chasing the soldiers. "Run," cried a soldier, "Come to me." The werewolf howled. The soldiers ran to the castle and shut the gate but the werewolf could jump over the electric fence. The soldiers pulled the drawbridge from the moat, but the soldiers forgot that the werewolf could jump, so they didn't lock it. 

The werewolf jumped over the moat and pushed the drawbridge down with the chain. "I'm going to get you," howled the werewolf. The werewolf smashed all the windows and found all the soldiers and ate them for dinner.
By Raquel

Once upon a time, there was an apple tree. It was about to grow an apple. Everyone fought over the apple. 

One day, it fell off. A little girl got it then went to show her mum and dad. They said, "Do you want to eat it now?" She said, "Yes, but first I want to keep the seeds so I can grow an apple tree for everyone."

So, she planted the seeds and everyone was happy.
By Ella

The Princess
Once upon a time, there was a princess who felt like eating an apple, but there were no apples in the kingdom. The princess asked the King if he could send out all his men to find an apple. The King said, "Yes."

The King went to tell his men that the princess felt like eating an apple. All the King's men got on their horses and started looking for an apple. They went to another kingdom and asked if they had any apples. Their king said, "No," so, all the knights kept searching for an apple.

The knights thought they saw an apple tree, but it was a pomegranate tree. The knights kept looking for an apple. 

They saw another kingdom, so they went to it and asked the King if they had any apples. The King said, "Yes," and the knights said, "Can you show up where they are?" The King showed the knights the apples and then one of the knights got an apple and they went back to the castle. 

When the knights got back to the castle, they gave the princess the apple.
By Alex

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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