Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beautiful Bunnies

We really impressed Mrs N in art this week. She learned how to draw a rabbit and then taught us. They turned out so well! We thought the legs were the trickiest part, but we kept trying. After outlining our beautiful bunnies with black markers, we ruled lines in the background, then painted it all with watercolours. We are super-duper at using just the right amount of water on our brushes now.

To go with our bunny art, we also wrote palindrome poetry about Easter. A palindrome is something that can be read both backwards and forwards. Words like "madam", "Hannah" and "racecar" are all examples of palindromes. That was too easy for us though! We decided to write poems that could be read both forwards and backwards. You can read some of them on our class writing blog.


Spelling can be tricky. There are many sounds in the English language that can be spelled in different ways. Today, we looked at the /ch/ sound and discovered that it can be written in two main ways - "ch" and "tch". After brainstorming lots of words with the /ch/ sound, we discovered that we couldn't think of any that began with "tch". Mrs N couldn't think of any either! All the words we came up with used "tch" in the middle or at the end of the word. However, there were many, many words that begin with the "ch" spelling. We decided that when we need to spell a word starting with /ch/ it's probably going to be spelled with a "ch".

For Monday Munchies yesterday, we tried Carambola. It's sometimes called starfruit because when you slice it, it looks like a five-pointed star. We thought it was pretty delicious. Three people didn't really like it, but everyone else wanted seconds!

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Wow your bunnies look awesome! We had an artist called Eli Sharplin come to our school last year and teach us about pencil sketching. We know when to use light whisper lines to sketch. We have made some spider sculptures this week if you want to see them they are on our blog.

    Ms K