Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our writing activity today was about finding something. We could choose to write about finding an object, an animal or anything we wanted. Here are three of our stories.

The Magical Potion
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to find a magical potion that would turn her into a mermaid. The little girl had a friend that was a mermaid. The girl's friend said, "The potion is under a tree. Choose a tree and look under it." The little girl found the potion. 

One day the mermaid came and said, "Help, help! The queen has been kidnapped." The girl said, "I'll find her" and she jumped into the water and she saw a glow. She found the glow and there was a queen being held upside down over a basket of boiling lava. She called the police. The girl got the queen down and the evil octopus got put in jail.
By Meg

Connor and the Monster
Once there was a kid called Connor. He was going to bed. He was so tired that he fell asleep straight away. The next day, he was in a monster's ship. The monster was driving the ship. He found a button to get out of the ship. He jumped out of the ship and he had to find his way home. It was a long way from there. 

Connor was near a cave. He thought that was bad. He thought there were big animals in the cave, but there were no animals in the cave. Connor did not know where he was at all. He really had to find his way home. It was almost night time so Connor was getting scared. Connor was in the bush so he could not find his way home at all. 

Connor started to find his way home and he was almost out of the bush. He was getting closer and closer to some houses. He started to remember where he was. Connor was getting closer and closer to home. Connor had only five houses to go, then he would be home. Then, he was three houses away. He was getting very close to home. Then, Connor was only one house away. He got home and ran straight to his mum and gave her a hug.
By Alex

The Lost Shell
Once upon a time, I woke up and went outside. There was a shell on the road. There was no beach around. I was thinking about how the shell got there. Just at that moment, I thought that I should turn the shell over, so I did. There was a name on it. A name I couldn't understand. I asked my mum. My mum didn't know what it said either, so we went from house to house. At last, we found the right house.
By Catherine

Love from The Smarties and Mrs N

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  1. Hi Smarties - OMG Term 4 already! I loved reading your 'Found' stories and it looks like you have been very busy solving mysteries and counting the sports vouchers. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and you all have a fabulous term. Love Mrs H